Comprehensive packages starting at $1000 per month!

User and Entity
Behavior Analytics

XioGuard uses a single unified view of your environment with a highly specialized security operations platform that is automatically and constantly discovering new assets, profiling users, and identifying their behavior and risk.


XioGuard systems will automatically hunt threats by leveraging the library of cybersecurity apps and by querying any field in Interflow records taking automated action in minutes rather than hours.

Network Traffic

XioGuard collects the right data with accurate cybersecurity analysis utilizing 360-degree visibility for advanced detection, correlation, and automated response.

AI and ML
Event Coordination

The XioGuard advanced AI Engine leverages the industry-leading machine learning algorithms for different scenarios and builds with strong security knowledge to detect sophisticated threats.


XioGuard launches calculated and precise automatic responses through direct NGFW, EDR and Active Directory integration, through SOAR integration or through incumbent SIEM systems.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

The XioGuard Network Detection Response (NDR) allows for both automatic and manual responses implemented through the integrated SOAR.

XioGuard employs an open XDR Next-Generation SIEM platform for 360-degree detection and response by ingesting data from all tools, correlating data across the entire attack surface, delivering high-fidelity detections, and responding to threats automatically through AI/ML. The unified platform ingests data from existing security tools to deliver 360-degree visibility and response capabilities across the entire attack surface. This AI-powered platform also learns as it works over time to become faster and more sophisticated at detecting, correlating, and responding to incidents.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics
Day-to-Day In-Depth Network Threat Detection and Anomalous Activity Monitoring
Prioritized, Valid Security Incidents with Correlated and Raw Details
Automatic Threat Hunting
Event Log and Network Flow Data Consolidation
Real-Time and Long-Term Search with Web-Like Query and Iterative Filtering
Network Traffic Analysis
Comprehensive, Extensible Analytics
Compliance and Standards-Based Reports
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) Powered Event Coordination
Network, Virtualization, and Application Intelligence
Log Management
Precision Automated Response
File and Registry Access Monitoring
Event Alerting
Integrated Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)
Real-Time and Historical Cross-Correlation
Incident Analysis Assistance

Immix NCPA 01-75, Xiologix 062521
Immix NCPA 01-83, Xiologix 062521
Immix NCPA 01-88, Xiologix 062521


$1000 per month (up to 10 GBs of logs per day)
Package can be upgraded to include:
  • Intrusion, Detection to Malware Command and Control Detection/Analysis
  • Sandboxing
  • Deceptor

360-Degree Computer Security Services
in Tualatin, OR

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects of running a business today. At XioGuard, we are one of the top cybersecurity companies in Tualatin, OR, providing our customers with the customized solutions they need to maintain the utmost security to protect their businesses. With our open next-generation platform, you can rely on managed security services that respond by collecting and analyzing data to ensure your business has the necessary protection. With 360-degree visibility and fast response times, you won’t have to spend your time worrying about any cyber threats.

We Create Effective
Cybersecurity Solutions

When it comes to cyber security management, we recognize that no two businesses are identical. Cyber threats abound and constantly evolve, making it challenging for companies to keep up without assistance. Our computer security services in Tualatin, OR, are designed around your needs and fully scalable to address your ever-changing needs. We work closely with your team to establish the most significant threats and recommend customized managed security services to give you the best results. Unfortunately, many businesses that handle their cyber security themselves overlook critical aspects and often fall victim to attacks. You won’t have to give it a second thought with our cybersecurity solutions.

We Quickly Identify and
Neutralize Potential Threats

Not all cybersecurity companies can respond as quickly as we do. When you choose our computer security services in Tualatin, OR, you can count on a feature-rich security solution that actively watches for potential threats and works to resolve any possible weak points quickly before trouble arises. Our systems continually evaluate your business systems and use enriched data to find areas that could be breached. Our automated tools quickly implement resolutions to give you peace of mind that your business has all the protection it needs at all times.

Contact us today to learn more about our managed security services and build a package that meets your needs.

Often, indicators of compromise (IOCs) go unnoticed or unresolved in your systems’ environment.
XioGuard helps identify and resolve these IOCs quickly before it’s too late:

  • Suspicious entries in system, or network accounting, or logs
  • Discrepancies between logs
  • Repetitive unsuccessful login attempts within a short time interval
  • Unexplained new user accounts
  • Unexplained new files or unfamiliar file names
  • Unexplained modifications to file lengths and/or dates, especially in system files
  • Unexplained attempts to write to system files or changes in system files
  • Unexplained modification or deletion of data
  • Denial/disruption of service or inability of one or more users to log in to an account
  • System crashes
  • Poor system performance of dedicated servers
  • Operation of a program or sniffer device used to capture network traffic
  • Unusual time of usage (e.g., user login during unusual times)
  • Unusual system resource consumption. (High CPU usage)
  • Last login (or usage) for a user account does not correspond to the actual last time the user used the account
  • Unusual usage patterns (e.g., a user account associated with a user in Finance is being used to log into an HR database)
  • Unauthorized changes to user permission or access